Red Clay Fairytales

Sowing Seeds

July 30, 2012
O.K. so you don't know how wonderful my children are yet and you have no real understanding of what they do to my heart either....I get it. Here it is then. They make my breath catch in my throat. My heart feels like confetti bursting from poppers on the Fourth of July when I smell their hair. I don't feel right when they are away. When they hurt, when they cry in my arms I feel the punch deep in my gut. They are the personification of my prayers. The God that loves me, adores them. My eyes are opened to the care He has for them in the lives they walk out everyday. I am stupefied when I look into their faces and see boys who have a real relationship with Christ. Not a Jesus loves me this I know relationship but a casting my cares upon Him, a "Momma, I don't deserve all this stuff. I am too blessed with it all." understanding of what He has done in my life kind of relationship. These boys, I prayed for them to be born.  I know what they are worth. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. ever.
So... as you read about my boys and how we are raising them with a deliberateness, please remember my motive but also my flesh. I fail them. It grieves me but I fail them. It is a heavy stone laid across my heart when it happens and I am sad to say failing them is not a rare occurrence. I am trying daily to fail them less. I hope that these pages show more victory than failure.

Heirs to the Kingdom

July 9, 2012

My primary reason for living...the heirs to our little kingdom. Truly, I intend to gush regularly about them but I promise to give a heads up first. Actually, that offer is really just an attempt at being polite. I am bound by thirty-sev...well let's just say many years of southern upbringing to offer all sorts of things I don't really want to do. Those of you who are from the beloved south will reach towards the keyboard to comment that there is no need to warn anybody about gushing over tho...

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