Red Clay Fairytales

Red Clay Fairytales...a small town love story.

The Records of Musing and the Chronicals of Childhood.

Ok, so I needed an outlet. Yeah, because Prince Charming gets the, I don't get chills listening to how your file cabinet is finally *sigh* organized by color -look on his face while I try to explain the genius level of work I am accomplishing by putting all RTI, progress monitoring, behavior observation forms and the like in red hanging folders. And I think the dentist is kind of  just being polite when I update him on  the accomplishments and injuries the offspring have experienced since our last cleaning...

This is the story of the life I love.          

             Finding Your Way Around R.C.F.

Turning Boys into Knights is a blog about parenting.

Happily Ever After centers on my walk with Christ.

The Teaching Kingdom is about teaching elementary students.

The Castle is about creating a home and all that homemaking entails.