I began keeping a home when I married at twenty far away from the red clay kingdom and let me tell you...it was not a fairytale. It was a land where there was no sweet tea, grits or Blue Plate mayo. There was not a meat and three eating establishment a.n.y. w.h.e.r.e. so I had to dig deep and figure out how to feed my new husband. I had to shop for food. I look back at my time wandering around the store putting random items in my buggy and hang my head in shame. Thank goodness I've learned a few things. It occurred to me that maybe there are people just starting to feather a nest who would like to benefit from the long rows I had to hoe.....um it is a gardening reference.... to figure out how to build a castle out of cardboard boxes. Oh, that means to create a home to treasure in an economy that is only creating the newly poor. I realize that many people are finding themselves in a place that is scary because they are newly poor. The kicker for this economy is that those who were already poor are now struggling to compete for resources with the newly poor. This blog will be my attempt at sharing some tips for survival. I think I can help you stop the train of confusion and the poverty mentality so you can live rich no matter how much money you make.

Much Love,
The Queen of All Queens.....well it is my fairytale