Well don't you look beauty-full! How do you feel? Finer than frog hair... that's what I figured. A little more clarity right? A can do attitude? Powerful, I know. So I am not one to cut to the chase but I would hate for your coffee to get cold so...
Here is the quick and dirty...
1. The quickest way out of the pit is to go to bed at a regular time (10 is good) and get up at a regular time.
2. When you get up, get dressed. We do as we dress and we gotta get to work on building a castle...So clothes and makeup...and the ball cap if you can't manage styling your hair every day yet.
3. Make your bed and do the dishes...house already looks better right?
4. Turn on some music...turn the T.V. off.- this takes time. Use the TV for the kids so you have some time to think about step five but the goal is to watch A LOT LESS.

1-4 needs to be done every day....I'll spare you the details of researched based treatment interventions...This is how you get skin in the game.

5.Now...get some paper, it is list time.

List 1- What is bugging you about life...in the house, with the kids, in your marriage and with money?
List 2 What needs are 911?
List 3 What can you fix in 10-20 minutes? for free?
List 4 911 needs you can fix in 10-20 for free.

6. Tackle list 4 items one at a time and maintain 1-4

7. Take a break...instant grits are not half as good as cooked grits. Take the kids outside and have a glass of tea while they play. We will work on how to get through your lists tomorrow.

I am proud of you, butterbean!