So you want to get your house in order. You are sick of looking around at a dirty house, sick of yelling at your kids, sick of living paycheck to paycheck and sick of the constant irritation you feel. You are worn slap out because you can't keep up with it all. Yeah, I hear ya. I get it.

 OK, First things first.

Go take a hot shower. If it is morning while you are reading this then follow the shower with getting dressed with shoes and make up. I will excuse your hair but only if you put on a ball cap. Put on some perfume too while you are at it because southern women know you are not really dressed if you don't have on perfume.

If it is at night then lotion up, brush your teeth and go to bed. You need some sleep. We will think about it all tomorrow...after you get dressed as described above, of course.

Alright, hop to it and I will see you in the next post. Really, take your time. I'll make us some coffee. We will put skin in the game from this point forward and that is the post you need to look for next.